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New Here

New Here


Our church held her inaugural service in 1968 at Suhauaro Elementary School with 89 worshippers. We first met at our current location on September 26, 1971. For over four decades we have sought to give faithful witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our third Senior Pastor, Josh Vincent, arrived in December of 2009 with a fresh zeal for reaching Phoenix with the gospel. We're excited about the ministry and witness God's given us, and the future that lies ahead.

The Local Church

We believe God created local churches to reflect his angel-stupefying wisdom (Ephesians 3:10). We believe the display of Jesus' self-sacrificing love amongst his people is magnetic, drawing the attention of the world towards God's Son. This drives our mission.


Making Disciple-Making Disciples. Planting Disciple-Making Churches. Trinity exists to take the Gospel to Phoenix and beyond as we become an increasingly vibrant display of the glory of God. 


  1. A Vibrant Community of Grace: When our love reflects Jesus’ self-sacrificing love, our community becomes vibrant for the gospel (John 13:34-35).

  2. A Hunger for the Glory of God in all of Life: Jesus’ authority extends from the heights of heaven to the core of our wills, and we want to want more of Jesus in every area of our lives (1 Corinthians 10:31).

  3. Relevant Expositional Preaching: We predominately preach straight through books of the Bible one section at a time to show how God has created and shaped His people through His Word (2 Timothy 4:2).

  4. The Biblical Gospel: Churches in the Bible, and still today, face countless counterfeit gospels that lead away from life in Jesus to death and destruction. Click here to see an explanation of the biblical gospel.

  5. Authentic Conversion: Christians are born again, raised from spiritual death and are new creations. When we meet Jesus our desires, choices, and actions change (Colossians 1:13-14).

  6. Discipleship From the Inside Out: We are constantly on mission to make disciples who make disciples by teaching them to observe all that Jesus has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20).

  7. Local Church Membership: God has chosen to use gospel-preaching local churches who baptize believers, share communion, and hold one another accountable to reach a dying world with the life-giving love of Jesus (Ephesians 3:10).


Vision Strategy

The tri-core of discipleship is simple: (1) Gathered Worship, (2) Community Groups, and (3) One-to-One Discipleship.

tri11. Gathered Worship
The first level of discipleship happens every Sunday morning as a diverse, yet united group of believers gathered around the Word of God. God's Spirit uses our gatherings to build gospel unity amongst us as we read, pray, sing, and preach God's Word. We pray those among us see our sacrificial love for one another just as God showed His love for us through His Son Jesus Christ.

tri22. Community Groups
A second layer of discipleship takes place in our community groups that meet across the Valley in our people’s homes. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday nights of each month. This is a time of fellowship, prayer, and discussing how each of us hope to apply the Scripture preached from the morning service. Contact the office to get connected.

tri33. One-to-one Discipleship
In our third layer of discipleship, we encourage individuals to develop one-to-one discipleship relationships, where you meet with another member to discuss life, pray, read Scripture and live life together. Everybody needs a friend that will help you change a flat tire at 12 a.m.!


Mission Strategy

We are also excited about the numerous ways Trinity scatters on its mission of taking Jesus further both locally and abroad. God providentially places every Christian in strategic relationships for the purpose of taking Jesus further in all of life. For example, stay at home moms look to take Jesus further as they share Christ with their children or with other moms in a playgroup who don't know Christ. Engineers are called to take Jesus further sharing Christ with their co-workers.

Locally, our people are also engaged in taking Jesus further through a number of age-specific ministries. Others are involved in ministries aimed at helping those with struggles like divorce or addictions. You can go to our ministries page to see what ministries we are involved in. Globally, at least 10% of our budget supports missionaries as well. Please check out our Missions page for more information on how we are taking Jesus further locally and abroad.