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Holy Tuesday


This prophecy from about 900 years before Christ speaks with chilling detail about the crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus....

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Sunday Morning Equip Classes - Spring 2022

Two classes run simultaneously. One class consistently walks through a book of the Bible, and the other takes a more topical approach. If you haven’t made it to a Sunday morning class yet, make plans to join us for one of the following:...

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December 23th | Galatians 2:20


Jesus blots out Adam’s likeness in us and stamps his own image in its place....

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December 22nd | Mark 15:38


The next time you walk into the Worship Center at Trinity Bible Church, look up to the stained-glass window and remember how God tore the curtain that separated us from his presence....

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December 18th | John 14:2


The good news of Christmas is that Jesus came to earth to call us out of the depths of our ruin and into the peaceful presence of God to behold his glorious face forever....

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December 17th | Matthew 1:21


Let’s not try to improve upon the good news of the biblical account of Christmas....

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December 16th | John 1:14


As true God and true man, Christ the Redeemer can bring us back to God. He is himself our Substitute and Savior....

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December 15th | Haggai 2:9


God’s redemptive promises are filled in ways that are often beyond our greatest expectations. His infinitely glorious presence returned to the temple in humble human form....

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December 13th | 1 Kings 8:27


God’s presence everywhere is actually the bedrock of the revelation of his special, covenantal, intimate, gracious presence with his people....

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December 11th | Psalm 16:11


Jesus is the eternal Son of God who was born in the line of David. He died, was buried, resurrected, and ascended to the right hand of God the Father....

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December 10th | Leviticus 26:12


May this Christmas season remind you of the remarkable joy of walking in obedience to God out of gratitude....

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December 9th | Exodus 40:34-35


He continued to be with his people as they set out from Egypt toward the Promised Land, following them with goodness and mercy on their way home. And he continues still....

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December 8th | Exodus 25:30


Jesus declared that he is the True Bread that comes from God’s presence in heaven....

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December 4th | Genesis 15:17


The Creator of the universe, the holy and righteous God, was willing to graciously condescend to sinful Abram in the dusty, arid Middle-Eastern desert to express his love for his people....

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December 3rd | Genesis 3:8


The walks Adam and Eve would have enjoyed with God were ruined. Now the shame of their disobedience made them hide from his presence instead of enjoying it....

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December 2nd | Genesis 2:7


We can only understand ourselves in light of the need we have for God’s favor and presence....

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December 1st | Revelation 21:3


Each day leading up to Christmas morning we’ll walk through the storyline of the Bible, taking care to notice how central the presence of God is to all of history....

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Dr. Peter Gentry on Ezekiel


Dr. Gentry taught a survey of the book of Ezekiel, showing the unfolding plans of God in history......

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Advent Reading


If you would like to adjust your daily Bible reading to reflect the Advent season, here is a suggested schedule:...

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Worship Songbook


1 Peter 2:2 instructs us to "long for the pure spiritual milk" of the Gospel. One great way to stir up affections for Christ is through great art, like music....

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Summer Guest Preachers

We have a number of gifted guest preachers scheduled to fill the pulpit at Trinity this summer. Below you'll find their pictures and bios just in case you aren't familiar with them. Mark Dever has served as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church since 1994 and as president of 9Marks (a ministry to churches and church leaders) since its founding in 1998. He's mar...

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