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We are excited to announce our “Bridges Initiative” partnership with Choices Pregnancy Center. The Bridges Initiative is a Choices program designed to integrate their clients into our Christ-centered community. In other words, our church is forming a closer partnership with Choices Pregnancy Center.

Safe Guards: Shielding our Homes and Equipping our Kids by Julie Lowe is “about naming the darkness existing in this world and equipping our children to know how to avoid it and respond to it if it finds them".

We will be starting a new class on Sunday, September 4th. This class is aimed to help equip you to understand and engage the current expressions of our postmodern cultural worldviews relating to sexuality

This Christmas look back to the promises and work of God as you look forward to what lies ahead.

Because of the work of Immanuel, God the Holy Spirit indwells all those united to him by faith.

As Christmas draws near, remember that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is providentially guiding the path of all of his sheep into the house of the LORD forever.

Our sin is accounted to Christ as he is made to be sin for us; his righteousness is imputed to us as we receive his righteous status.

Christ has dignified our human nature by returning to God’s presence to intercede for us as our sympathetic high priest.

Because of Jesus, who came for us and for our salvation, we have the full assurance that he will never utterly withdraw his presence from his true children.

The child’s name meant that God would be present with them in their battle to achieve victory on their behalf.

Like a shepherd leading the sheep to water in a desert, God was leading his people to a land flowing with milk and honey.

The calling of Moses points to a greater calling and rescue. Jesus came to earth to save God's people from slavery to sin.

It may look like God will not keep his promises. Today, ponder the story of Joseph knowing that we can take God at his word.

Pastor Stephen will be leading us through a class on evangelism for the next four weeks starting November 21, 2021. The class will focus on having a biblical understanding of evangelism. This class will help all of us follow the great commission given to us by Jesus in Matthew 28. For additional resources check out "Evangelism" by Mack Stiles.

We are encouraged by Erik's faithfulness and eagerness to point to Christ in what he does. Using his background as a chef, Erik generously cooks our meals on Wednesdays.

We will have a five-week class on the Trinity starting October 17th at 9:15 am. In addition to this class a helpful book called "Simply Trinity" could be found at the bookstall.

As a part of the First Steps series from 9 Marks, this brief book was written in plain language for those with no church background. He shows us where the Bible came from, why we can trust it, how to read it, and how it's relevant today all with an eye towards Christ.

Join us for our interactive class on parenting. We also have a few books on parenting in the bookstall. Here is a review of one by Paul Tripp who gives us Gospel principles for parenting.

Pastor Josh and others will be taking us through the beatitudes this summer. As the text is exposited the teachings of Jesus will shine brightly.

As a part of the First Steps series from 9 Marks, this brief book was written in plain language for those with no church background. He shows how we grow as Christians as we train. Training looks like reading the word, praying, and worshipping, joining and using our gifts in a church. We also grow by loving the lost by pointing others to Jesus who do not know him.

During the Sunday School hour, we will be going through the minor prophets.