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December 2nd | Genesis 2:7


We can only understand ourselves in light of the need we have for God’s favor and presence....

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December 1st | Revelation 21:3


Each day leading up to Christmas morning we’ll walk through the storyline of the Bible, taking care to notice how central the presence of God is to all of history....

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A class on evangelism


Pastor Stephen will be leading us through a class on evangelism for the next four weeks starting November 21, 2021. The class will focus on having a biblical understanding of evangelism. This class will help all of us follow the great commission given to us by Jesus in Matthew 28. For additional resources check out "Evangelism" by Mack Stiles....

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Harvest Offering 2021


For decades, Trinity Bible Church has taken a Harvest Offering during November. This special offering that is over and above our normal weekly giving expresses our gratitude towards God for his extravagant generosity towards us....

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Ministry Spotlight

Dado  (1 of 3)

We are encouraged by Erik's faithfulness and eagerness to point to Christ in what he does. Using his background as a chef, Erik generously cooks our meals on Wednesdays....

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A class on the Trinity


We will have a five-week class on the Trinity starting October 17th at 9:15 am. In addition to this class a helpful book called "Simply Trinity" could be found at the bookstall. ...

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Kids' Movies and the Formation of Worldview

You may be asking, "What does this mean for me? Are you saying I should avoid these movies?" Not necessarily. What I am saying is that either we will be proactive in shaping our children's worldviews on issues of sexuality or the culture will do it for us....

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The Bible - Can We Trust It?


As a part of the First Steps series from 9 Marks, this brief book was written in plain language for those with no church background. He shows us where the Bible came from, why we can trust it, how to read it, and how it's relevant today all with an eye towards Christ....

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Join us for our interactive class on parenting. We also have a few books on parenting in the bookstall. Here is a review of one by Paul Tripp who gives us Gospel principles for parenting. ...

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Speaking with Your Children about Difficult Sermon Texts


The kind of preaching that honors God and builds up the church unpacks the meaning of biblical texts and thus does not shy away from explicit and direct biblical texts. How can we help our kids process these passages of Scripture?...

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