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If you would like to adjust your daily Bible reading to reflect the Advent season, here is a suggested schedule...

Just 50 years ago Phoenix was barely in America’s top 30 most populous cities. Today it is the nation’s sixth-largest city, and its larger metropolitan area (which includes cities like Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe) has a population of nearly 5 million.

1 Peter 2:2 instructs us to "long for the pure spiritual milk" of the Gospel. One great way to stir up affections for Christ is through great art, like music.

For about 90 days between September 16th and December 16th, we are inviting you to make a commitment to read God's Word.

You'll notice some familiar faces and one brand new one!

We will continue our decades-long legacy of generosity this year with our 2017 Harvest Offering.

...Let’s not forget one important battle waged during the Reformation

Join us over the next few weeks we’ll open our Bibles and unpack Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus, and Soli Deo Gloria.

This E2 class will cover the historical issues of how our Bible was formed; that is, how the 66 books of our Protestant Bible came to be recognized as authoritative for matters of faith and practice.