And the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. - Mark 15:38

The temple, Israel’s place of worship, had a special central room called the Holy of Holies. It was the place of God’s earthly dwelling among his people. The room was guarded by a thick veil that was about 60 feet tall. It was a symbolic reminder that sin had rendered humanity unfit for the holy presence of God.

Upon the death of Jesus, God tore that curtain from top to bottom. What a brilliant illustration of what it means that Jesus is “God with us!” Christ’s obedient life and sacrificial death put an end to the temple and its sacrificial system. Now people of all nations would be welcomed into restored communion with God—the very thing the temple was meant to facilitate. By faith, we are no longer restricted from God’s presence. We can approach his holy throne of grace with confidence to find mercy.

Since the first woman and man were cast out of God’s presence in Eden, we have been longing to see his face once more. The next time you walk into the Worship Center at Trinity Bible Church, look up to the stained-glass window and remember how God tore the curtain that separated us from his presence. May it serve as a symbolic reminder of the privilege of intimacy we have with God through Christ Jesus and cause you to long for that great day when we behold him at last.

Song: Wexford Carol