And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. - Matthew 28:20

This Christmas, remember where it all ends: “the dwelling place of God is with man” (Rev. 21:3). God created humanity to live in his special presence for his glory but sin disrupted that relationship. So, the fact that man dwells with God is astounding. This is the picture we get from the Old Testament. God with Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and Israel, and David. God taking up residence in the tabernacle and temple which was made possible through the sacrificial system.

Jesus is the fulfillment of the temple imagery. God gloriously dwelt with his people in the temple-garden (Gen.1-3), the tabernacle (Exod.25-31), and the temple (2 Sam 7; 1Kgs.6-8) in a special way. Jesus, who is God himself, gloriously dwelt with his people in a special way as he fulfilled this temple theme (Jn.1:1-14; 2:21). Jesus is the better Adam, Moses, Israel and David. For example, Jesus is the last Adam who perfectly fulfilled the roles of Adam and Israel. (Matt.1-5; Rom.5:12-21). Jesus represented the people of God as he lived perfectly under the rule of God.

This Christmas look back to the promises and work of God as you look forward to what lies ahead. Celebrate the birth of Jesus as you anticipate abiding with him in the new creation. Rejoice as you consider the historical event of the incarnation. Don’t forget the promises that God is with you even now until the end of the age. Merry Christmas.

Song: I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day