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e1E1 classes aim at maturing every disciple in their walk with Jesus. These classes will aim at topics like how to read the Bible, prayer, finances, marriage, etc. Whether you are a mature Christian or just became a Christian yesterday, these classes should be beneficial for you. These include Sunday School and Wednesday night classes.


2018 Classes

Trinity Bible's Proposed Statement of Faith Classes


MARCH 11 - Part 1

Introduction, Article 1: The Bible, Article 2: The doctrine of God

Instructors: Josh Vincent, Dan Diffey, Toby Jennings [video]


MARCH 18 - Part 2

Article 3: Jesus Christ, Article 4: The Holy Spirit, Article 5: Satan

Instructors: Toby Jennings, Andy McClurg  [video]


APRIL 8 - Part 3

Article 6: Mankind, Article 7: Gender & Sexuality, Article 8: The Fall

Instructors: Mark Sherid, Harry Fair  [video]


APRIL 22 - Part 4

Article 9: Salvation, Article 10: The Church, Article 11: The Future 

Instructors: Dan Diffey, Mark Sherid, Mike Darus  [video]