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e2E2 classes are for Christians who aspire to leadership in the church on at least a lay level. These folks may hope to lead a Community Group, teach in Sunday School, or serve as an elder or deacon in the future. These classes intend to prepare God’s people to shepherd others.

In this class you should expect the teacher to use jargon terms like “justification” without apology, followed by an explanation of what it means and why it matters.

Below you will find the schedule for this year's E2 classes. A number of our Seminary professors will be leading the teaching and discussion times for this training on a variety of topics critical to leadership development.


2017-2018 Classes


September 9, 2017 - Where Did We Get the Bible?

Instructor: Dr. John Meade and Dr. Peter Gurry [audio] | [slides]

  • You can read some of Dr. Meade's writing on the canon here.

October 14, 2017 - What Did the Cross Accomplish? (Pt. 1)

Instructor: Dr. Toby Jennings [video]


November 11, 2017 - What Did the Cross Accomplish? (Pt. 2)

Instructor: Dr. Steve Duby [video]


February 10, 2018 - What Does Inerrancy Mean?

Instructor: Dr. Joshua Greever [video]


March 10, 2018 - How Should We Read/View Scripture?

Instructor: Dr. Dan Diffey


April 14, 2018 - Biblical Theology

Instructor: Dr. Steve Wellum


May 12, 2018 - The Apostles' Creed

Instructor: Dr. Steve Duby


June 6, 2018 - OT Prophets (Pt. 1)

 Instructor: Dr. Dan Diffey


July 11, 2018 - OT Prophets (Pt. 2)


September 8, 2018 - Christian Epistemology


October 13, 2018 - Higher Life Theology Part I


November 10, 2018 - Higher Life Theology Part II


February 9, 2019 - Free Grace Theology

Instructor: Dr. John Meade


March 16, 2019 - Monastic Spirituality

 Instructor: Dr. Steve Duby


April 13, 2019 - Prosperity Gospel

Instructor: Dr. Andy McClurg and Ruben Martinez


May 11, 2019 - Neo-Orthodoxy

Instructor: Dr. Joshua Greever


June 8, 2019 - Postmodernism

Instructor: Dr. Andy McClurg




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