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New Here

We are meeting in person on Sundays.

We have been gathering again since Sunday, May 17th. We believe that we have been gathering in a responsible manner, consistent with current and prior Arizona executive orders related to public health.

In the early weeks of regathering, skipping rows of pews allowed for distancing between households. But as attendance has slowly increased, it seems that the best way to accommodate distancing is to open all the pews and allow everyone to spread out within the available space.

In order to continue to meet safely, we ask that you help us with the following:

  • If you have symptoms of sickness, have been recently exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend in person at this time. Please continue to take advantage of our live-stream.
  • While we are not quite ready to dismiss the masks altogether, we will only ask that you wear a mask before and after the service (as you are entering and exiting) and during the singing.

We also have ample overflow room in the Education Center where the service live stream will be playing on the projection screens. We will maintain distancing and require masks in there for the duration of the service.