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We don't flinch at the unique way man images God. But, what does a manly man look like? The Bible reveals Jesus Christ as the true man and measure of masculinity. He came to rescue his bride, the Church, by laying down his life for her. True masculinity isn't fighting a bear with your bear hands (we do have guys who can do that!). Real men lay down their lives daily for their wives, their children, their friends, and their local churches.

In addition to our Sunday Gatherings, we also utilize one-to-one discipleship, small groups, and quarterly events aimed at connecting men together for friendship and discipleship in the following areas:

  • Biblical Manhood

  • Leading & Loving your Wife

  • Raising your Children to Love Jesus

  • Actively Engaging in your Local Church

  • Working for the Glory of God

  • Being a Disciple making Disciple

Our quarterly events include:

  • Men's Retreat in October (past speakers have included Dave Harvey, Bill Kynes, and Jerry Root)

  • Beast Feast

  • Men's Breakfast

  • Hiking Trip

Men's Coffee

Join us for a time of fellowship, prayer and a brief devotional and discussion on Thursdays from 10:00am to 11:00am in the Education Building, Fireside Room. Afterwards, those who can make it will meet nearby for lunch. For more information contact the church office at 602-942-8330.