Artboard 1@4xA Fun Bible-based Summer Camp for Kids!

  • Monday, June 6th - Friday, June 10th (9am-12pm)
  • For kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • Fun, creative classes and gospel-centered teaching

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Archery (5th-6th graders)
In this class, the students will learn the fundamentals of archery.

Baking (2nd-6th graders)
In this class, students will learn some baking skills.

Crayon Art (2nd-6th graders)
Crayon art is not a drawing or coloring class. In this class, we will use crayons to make new art. We will shred, shape, and melt crayons to create new creations.

Dance (2nd-6th graders)
Here the students will learn a few dance routines.

Painting (2nd-6th graders)
In this class, we will paint. Join us as we creatively learn some painting skills.

Plaster of Paris (2nd-6th graders)
This class will make 3D objects using plaster.

Science (2nd-6th graders)
In years past, this class built their own microscopes and conducted a few science projects. Join us this year as we conduct a few science classes.

Sewing (4th–6th graders)
In this class, students will sew composition notebook covers with pockets. Join us as we learn a few sewing skills.

Sports (2nd-6th graders)
Join us for various sports activities such as kickball.

Woodworking (2nd-6th graders)
This class helps students learn how to safely use tools as they build small items.

Kindergarten-1st grade will have their own pre-selected classes