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Providing Biblical Counsel to Yourself and Others

“Friends are the best helpers. They come pre-packaged with compassion and love. All they need is wisdom, and that is available to everyone.” -Ed Welch

As believers, our hearts and minds are continually being transformed and conformed to Christ. One primary way that God does this is by working through His people to participate with Him in this transformative process. The Church and the Body of Christ are designed to relate and interact with each other, inside and outside the Body, in such a way to effect this transformative change. How do we do this with each other? The biblical model is to “walk life” with people — to enter into the lives of others, to help them through their problems, to share in their joys, and to equip them to do the same with others. All of us provide advice and counsel, the question is: “Do you counsel effectively and biblically?” The purpose of this training is to build a skill set to relate with others and to provide biblical counsel in this heart transformative way.

  • How to understand our hearts and what really drives us to do what we do

  • How to listen to the heart issues of others, including your family

  • How to communicate with others in a heart transformative way

  • How to provide solid biblical counsel to others

  • How to stand along side others in times of trouble

  • How to evangelize by entering the lives and problems of non?believers

Dr. Roh currently leads the Biblical Counseling Ministry at Camelback Bible Church on a volunteer basis while continuing to be involved in multiple business ventures. He also has extensive experience in training lay and professional counselors, both in Church and secular settings. Dr. Roh holds his Doctorate Degree from Columbia University in New York City in Adult Learning and his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Western Michigan University. He is married with four children.