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Everybody needs a friend that will help you change a flat tire at 12 a.m. or speak truth into your life with love. One-to-one discipleship helps develop mature disciples and solid friendships. That discipleship happens best in the context of relationships in the local church. We encourage our members to find another Christian to meet and discuss the Scriptures, share life struggles, and pray together.

We recommend two resources to help with discipleship:

the-trellis-and-the-vine2The Trellis and the Vine

Have you thought about how to choose who you will meet with given your limited availability? Trellis and the Vine helps you think through who you should be meeting with.

onetooneOne-to-One Bible Study

Do you feel like you don't know how to read the Bible with another Christian in a way that is helpful? One-to-One Bible Study offers practical advice on what you should do when you meet with another Christian to study God's Word.




 Both of these books are available in our book stall.