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This Christmas look back to the promises and work of God as you look forward to what lies ahead.

Because of the work of Immanuel, God the Holy Spirit indwells all those united to him by faith.

Jesus blots out Adam’s likeness in us and stamps his own image in its place.

The next time you walk into the Worship Center at Trinity Bible Church, look up to the stained-glass window and remember how God tore the curtain that separated us from his presence.

As Christmas draws near, remember that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is providentially guiding the path of all of his sheep into the house of the LORD forever.

Our sin is accounted to Christ as he is made to be sin for us; his righteousness is imputed to us as we receive his righteous status.

Christ has dignified our human nature by returning to God’s presence to intercede for us as our sympathetic high priest.

The good news of Christmas is that Jesus came to earth to call us out of the depths of our ruin and into the peaceful presence of God to behold his glorious face forever.

Let’s not try to improve upon the good news of the biblical account of Christmas.

As true God and true man, Christ the Redeemer can bring us back to God. He is himself our Substitute and Savior.

God’s redemptive promises are filled in ways that are often beyond our greatest expectations. His infinitely glorious presence returned to the temple in humble human form.

Because of Jesus, who came for us and for our salvation, we have the full assurance that he will never utterly withdraw his presence from his true children.

God’s presence everywhere is actually the bedrock of the revelation of his special, covenantal, intimate, gracious presence with his people.

The child’s name meant that God would be present with them in their battle to achieve victory on their behalf.

Jesus is the eternal Son of God who was born in the line of David. He died, was buried, resurrected, and ascended to the right hand of God the Father.

May this Christmas season remind you of the remarkable joy of walking in obedience to God out of gratitude.

He continued to be with his people as they set out from Egypt toward the Promised Land, following them with goodness and mercy on their way home. And he continues still.

Jesus declared that he is the True Bread that comes from God’s presence in heaven.

Like a shepherd leading the sheep to water in a desert, God was leading his people to a land flowing with milk and honey.

The calling of Moses points to a greater calling and rescue. Jesus came to earth to save God's people from slavery to sin.

It may look like God will not keep his promises. Today, ponder the story of Joseph knowing that we can take God at his word.

The Creator of the universe, the holy and righteous God, was willing to graciously condescend to sinful Abram in the dusty, arid Middle-Eastern desert to express his love for his people.

The walks Adam and Eve would have enjoyed with God were ruined. Now the shame of their disobedience made them hide from his presence instead of enjoying it.

We can only understand ourselves in light of the need we have for God’s favor and presence.

Each day leading up to Christmas morning we’ll walk through the storyline of the Bible, taking care to notice how central the presence of God is to all of history.